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The following are common acronyms used in association with the Kuali Financial System (KFS) and the KFS Implementation Project.

KFS Acronym Glossary
Acronym Definition
A2 A21: Balance Type (Labor Ledger only)
AC Actuals: Balance Type (Balance Sheet)
ACH Automated Clearing House
ACM Contract Manager Assignment (KFS e-doc)
AD Advance Deposit (KFS e-doc)
AP Accounts Payable
APO Automatic Purchase Order
APPS Automated Procurement and Payment System (Legacy Purchasing system)
AR Accounts Receivable (KFS module)
AV Auxiliary Voucher (KFS e-doc)
AVAD Auxiliary Voucher, Document Type: Adjustment
AVAE Auxiliary Voucher, Document Type: Accrual
AVRC Auxiliary Voucher, Document Type: Recode
AWRD Award (KFS e-doc)
BB Adjusted Base Budget: Balance Type
BT Benefit Expense Transfer (KFS e-doc)
C&G Contracts and Grants (KFS module)
CA Capital Assets (KFS module)
CAB Capital Asset Builder (part of the KFS Capital Assets module)
CAM Capital Asset Management (part of the KFS Capital Assets module)
CB Current Budget (Balance Type)
CCR Credit Card Receipt (KFS e-doc)
CE Cost Share Encumbrance (Balance Type)
CFDA Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
CM Credit Memo
COA Chart of Accounts (KFS module)
CPBS Cornell Planning and Budgeting System
CSF Calculated Salary Foundation
DI Distribution of Income and Expense (KFS e-doc)
DUO Department use only
DV Disbursement Voucher (KFS e-doc)
EC Effort Certification (KFS module)
EFT Electronic Fund Transfer
EX External Encumbrance (Balance Type)
EZRA Easy Research Administration
FASB Financial Account Standards Board
FFE Funds Functioning as Endowment
FII Financial Information Inventory
FIR Financial Information Requirements
FO Fiscal officer
FP Financial Processing (KFS module)
FRC Financial Reporting Code
FROG Financial Reporting Owner’s Group
FSSM Financial System Simple Maintenance
FTC Financial Transaction Center
FTE Full-time equivalent
FY Fiscal year
GEC General Error Correction (KFS e-doc)
GL General Ledger
GLCP General Ledger Correction Process
HRMS Human Resources Management System
IB Internal Billing (KFS e-doc)
ICA Indirect Cost Adjustment
ICR Indirect Cost Recovery
ID&R Information Delivery and Reporting
IE Internal Encumbrance (Balance Type)
JV Journal Voucher (KFS e-doc)
KEM Kuali Endowment Management (KFS Module)
KEN Kuali Enterprise Notification
KEW Kuali Enterprise Workflow
KFS Kuali Financial System
KFSM Kuali Financial System Maintenance
KFST Kuali Financial System Transactional
KIM Kuali Identity Management
KNS Kuali Nervous System
LBF Labor Year-End Balance Forward
LD Labor Distribution (KFS module)
LLCP Labor Ledger Correction Process (KFS e-doc)
LLJV Labor Journal Voucher (KFS e-doc)
LOC Letter of credit
NRA Nonresident alien
OBIEE Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (now known as: KFS Dashboard)
OOTB Out of the box
PCDO Procurement Card, PCard (KFS e-doc)
PD Project director
PDP Pre-Disbursement Processor
PE Pre-Encumbrance (KFS e-doc; and, Balance Type)
PI Principal investigator
PO Purchase Order (KFS e-doc)
PPI Pre-production instance
PREQ Payment Request (KFS e-doc)
PRPL Proposal (KFS e-doc)
PS PeopleSoft, P-Soft
PURAP Purchasing and Accounts Payable (KFS module)
PVEN Vendor Maintenance (KFS e-doc)
QA Quality assurance
RCV/RCVL Receiving/Line Item Receiving (KFS e-doc)
SB Service Billing (KFS e-doc)
SFS Sponsored Financial Services
SIG Special Interest Group
SME Subject-matter expert
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
ST Salary Expense Transfer (KFS e-doc)
TE True endowment
TF Transfer of Funds (KFS e-doc)
YE Year end
YEBT Year End Benefit Expense Transfer (KFS e-doc)