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e-SHOP enhanced, especially for office supplies

January 17, 2012 - Cornell Procurement Services, Financial Business Service Centers

Keywords: e-SHOP, office supplies, reverse auctions

After conducting reverse auctions for copy paper, bulk paper (i.e., over 40 boxes per order), and toner, SMS in August announced three new preferred suppliers:

To simplify ordering for these items, we created a "Favorites" tab on the e-SHOP home/shop page that contains three shared folders. This means that you don't need to visit the supplier's hosted catalog or punch-out site to place an order. To use the folders, from the e-SHOP home page, click on the "favorites" tab. From there, select the desired folder under the Shared heading. Each folder contains the contracted items for that supplier. Enter the desired quantity, and add the items to your cart.

In addition, to further assist our customers with the transition to the Kuali Financial System (KFS), we have provided a hotline (254-5300) and mailbox ( Based on some of the questions we have been receiving, we're providing the following tips:

  • For FTC/BSC staff Submitting Invoices: To submit invoices, write the purchase order (PO) number on the invoice and then send the invoice to Invoice Processing either by mailing it via campus mail or sending it as an e-mail attachment to dfa-4040_invoice Additionally, the invoice should be attached to the requisition, so that it becomes a part of the documentation for the order.¬†
  • Check the Invoice's Status: Receiving may be required before an invoice can be paid. To search for invoices that are waiting for receiving, select Payment Requests from the KFS Custom Document Searches. Enter information to narrow the search to your accounts (e.g., the account number, vendor, or payment request status of "awaiting receiving").
  • Placing Orders with Multiple Vendors: When creating your shopping cart in e-SHOP, you may add items from multiple vendors. When your order is transferred to KFS, a separate requisition is created for each vendor, which means you will need to add account information to each requisition and submit each requisition individually. After submitting your first requisition, check your action list for the remaining requisitions to submit.

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