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Procurement Countdown to KFS - June 2011

June 13, 2011 - Cornell Procurement Services, Financial Business Service Centers

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The following announcement was sent by e-mail to people who have asked to hear from the Office for Supply Management Services (SMS). If you would like to subscribe to receive, or unsubscribe from receiving announcements from SMS, manage your subscription online.

The Kuali Financial System (KFS) will launch July 1. We would appreciate your help with completing these action items, which are also summarized in a table at the bottom of this message.


In addition, please review last month’s issue of this newsletter if you need longer explanations of the items that required action by mid-June.

Open Purchase Orders

Your financial transaction and business service center (FTC and BSC) representatives received a listing of all open purchase orders (POs). They may be in contact with you to determine which, if any, of these orders should remain open. Unless notified otherwise, SMS will close all open POs on June 24 in preparation for the system transition on July 1.

Any remaining open POs will be manually entered into KFS during the second and third weeks of July. These POs will not be available for receiving until July 25, 2011.

e-SHOP Conversion to KFS

To allow for the transition to KFS, e-SHOP will be unavailable from Thursday, June 30 at noon until July 1. In order to ensure that your orders are issued, please submit your them by 10:00 a.m. to allow time for approval and processing. All orders must be approved and submitted to vendors by noon. Beginning on July 1, access to e-SHOP will occur by selecting “Shop Catalogs” from the KFS main menu. Remember: You will use your NetID and password to access KFS and e-SHOP on July1.

e-SHOP Training

All e-SHOP users are strongly encouraged to review the KFS “Using e-SHOP” tutorial, which is available now. This training will explain the key differences in the new KFS catalog environment and the changes to "assigning carts."

KFS Helpline

The KFS support team will be available to handle issues, questions, and concerns. Watch for communication from the KFS team for contact information.

Procurement Card Use

If there is not a supplier available in e-SHOP to meet your need, please place your order with a procurement card (pcard). If your order total is over $500 or if you do not have a pcard, please contact your FTC/BSC to have them pay for the good(s) on their pcard, which has a higher dollar limit. 

As required by University Policy 3.25, Procurement of Goods and Services, please remember to follow the Buying Manual procedures regarding transactions prohibited on a procurement card. Your FTC/BSC can also provide the supplier with a tax-exempt certificate for the purchase.

Blanket Order Reminder

All blanket orders will expire on June 30. Please notify your suppliers that purchases that would normally be placed on a blanket order will either be placed on a standard PO or paid for via pcard.

University Policy 3.25, Procurement of Goods and Services

There has been NO change to procurement policy. The transition to a new financial system has not resulted in any policy changes. To access the policy, visit the University Policy Office website. If you need additional information on setting up a requisition, processing a PO amendment, or vendor setup, please review the Purchasing Standard Operating Procedures.

Action Item Summary

Please share the table below with your staff. If you need clarification, please e-mail us at

Month Area To Do
Now Blanket Orders Stop entering new blanket orders in APPS. Notify your suppliers of the new payment method.
Now e-SHOP Training Review the e-SHOP tutorial.
Now Purchase Orders Review budgets for expiring funds and place orders ASAP.
Purchase Orders
Contact your suppliers to have invoices submitted as soon as goods are shipped.
Now Purchase Orders Review POs with incomplete line items to determine if POs can be closed now.
June 1 Purchase Orders Begin processing payments on pcards (contact your FTC/BSC).
June 15 APPS Requisition access restricted to FTCs/BSCs and SMS only.
June 24
Purchase Orders
SMS will close all open POs unless notified otherwise by the FTCs/BSCs.
June 30   
Purchase Orders Complete receiving on open POs by June 30.
June 30 e-SHOP All orders must be entered by 10:00 a.m. and approved/submitted before noon. e-SHOP shuts down at noon until July 1.
July 1 e-SHOP Access e-SHOP through KFS main menu “Shop Catalogs” using your NetID and password.

Stay tuned for the next newsletter, which will be published late June.

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