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2008 Meeting Notes

Meeting Agenda and Handouts: December 2, 2008

e-Shop GPay

  • Changes to Brio reporting tool were requested
  • Communications about this change from SMS will to go listservs
  • GPay Workflow
  • May want to consider "best practice" for additional business purpose documentation - i.e., APPS "notes" or e-Shop "History"?
  • Please let Mike Winters know any reasons that would cause you to not utilize e-shop

W-9's New Vendors

  • All vendors-for APPS or PayReq-are set up in SMS
  • Information on the W-9 that sets up the vendors stays with the vendor in perpetuity
  • Changing the new vendor request process (currently in testing)
  • We will no longer request W-9 information for faculty, staff, students-will get from PeopleSoft

BSC Subcommittee on Emergency Planning

  • Research and CUFA BSC's have completed emergency plans for their BSCs
  • Have met and discussed work with Peggy Matta, Director of Office and Emergency Planning and Recovery
  • Want to create a best practice template for BSCs-since our responses/information/needs are similar
  • Intent is to add BSC template to the current emergency planning online tool
  • Looking for volunteers to move forward on finalizing template. Commitment is likely 1-2 working meetings

Note: AA&D, Vet, JGSM volunteered at meeting

BSC Subcommittee on Scanning Update

  • Subcommittee met again
  • Revised draft documents being reviewed by subcommittee members
  • Documents will be reviewed by Jeff Silber for grant/contract perspective
  • Will bring to BSC directors in very near future for review and input
  • Early implementation will be considered "beta test" phase

"Floating" FTS's  

  • General discussion on interest in this as a option for short-term (1-2 weeks) fill-ins
  • Most necessary, helpful for smaller BSCs

Form 990

  • More substantive discussions at future meeting(s), as time permits


  • Earnings code for personal communication devices not being implemented now; will revisit in FY10
  • Kay Ford has extra financial reports. Please contact her (5-4242) if you'd like one/some. Reminder to black out confidential information in e-mails, electronic supporting documentation.


Meeting Agenda & Handouts November 4, 2008

W4 Self Service

  • In production; over 200 users to-date

Note: Nonresident aliens, out-of-state and Puerto Rico employees are not eligible to use this service

  • Other Payroll initiatives underway
  • Electronic Interim Pay Report delivery
  • Student Direct Deposit initiative 
  • Over 100 new sign-ups to-date
  • Direct Deposit self-service

Note: Paycheck funds that are not cashed do not return to Cornell; they go to New York State.

  • Requests for possible reports should go to Wes or Kim 

Foreign National Information System [FNIS] Self Service

  • Web-based Foreign National Questionnaire

Note: Web-based form does not in any way change current policy

  • Six steps:
  1. Basic information - name CU ID, Student type
  2. Individual information - D.O.B., e-mail address
  3. Address - U.S. and foreign
  4. Additional information - County of citizenship, passport
  5. Visa/Immigration status - Visa status history
  6. Confirmation
  • Foreign nationals will need a user ID and password to gain access
  • Obtain user ID and password by sending e-mail message to
  • At first log-in, foreign national will be prompted to:
  1. Change password
  2. Accept or decline to receive tax or IRS forms electronically

Note: Once foreign national approves data to be sent for evaluation he/she cannot make any further changes/updates.

  • E-mail communications will go out to the foreign national as needed - i.e.,:
  • Data approved
  • Data update/correction is needed
  • Update/correction data has been accepted
  • Form(s) is/are available for signature, etc.

Note: Back-up documents are still required - i.e., copies of I-20, DS-2019, I-94, visa, etc.

  • Questionnaire is required for all payments to foreign nationals, except reimbursed expenses

Note: If no federal ID treaty benefit, honorarium payments cannot be granted.  Completion of attestation and copy of the I-94 will be an accepted procedure.

  • Requests for possible reports should go to Lori

Gift Certificates

  • Cornell does not permit gift certificates to employees for recognition of their effort as employees
  • Reason:  IRS treats gifts certificates as taxable wages to employees.  When the value is imputed into payroll for W-2 reporting, the employee's regular take home cash is reduced because the imputed value triggers FICA tax and income tax withholding.


  • BSC Subcommittee on Scanning
  • First meeting held; second meeting scheduled for this week
  • Hope to implement/BETA JEMs effective 1/1/09
  • Payment Authority
  • Request was to redo supporting documentation to get rid of SSN information on old signature authority cards

Open Discussion/Other Updates

  • IRS questionnaire received by Cornell (Cornell Daily Sun article)
  • Higher education questionnaire went out two weeks ago
  • WCMC got questionnaire
  • Learned it was meant for operating unit within WCMC - and not the Cornell "legal entity"
  • Advances/Participant Fees
  • Internal audit finding on advances to students
  • Going to fix form to include additional information - e.g., person "type," begin/end dates
  • Will require signature of supervising faculty for students
  • JR Earnings Code
  • Still need to hear from a number of BSC directors
  • Please let Robin know:
  • If a JRA earnings code (and, therefore, ability to report) would be useful to you
  • How many personal communication device JRAs you have processed already
  • How many more personal communication device JRAs are you anticipating
  • ADAF Working Group
  • Anne will follow up on status
  • BSC Subcommittees
  • Still need to hear from a couple of BSC directors
  • Please let Robin know if your subcommittee will continue as a FY09 goal and/or whether it is "ongoing" 
  • Supervisory Review - Travel
  • Couldn't get necessary reviews of document complete in time for this meeting
  • Please send any cost-savings/reengineering ideas you have to Robin


Meeting Agenda & Handouts October 14, 2008

DFA Info Access Redesign

  • Please work with your SFG member on how you would like managed authorization to work in your college/unit
  • Please send focus group volunteers to Rayna

Travel Issues Best Practices

  • Supervisory Review
  • Document distributed is best practice, not mandated procedure
  • Anne will review with Joanne the possibility of bringing this issue to SFG and the Dean of Faculty
  • Anne will re-review alternative methods with University Audit
  • Document will be re-crafted, redistributed to the group and discussed again at next month's meeting
  • Supervisory Review Delegation
  • E-mail Anne with your requests for this delegation

Note: You may wish to hold on your requests until after next month's meeting given that discussions will be continuing.

  • Upon approval, delegation form will be e-mailed to you
  • If you have already submitted a delegation request, Anne will respond no later than October 31
  • Travel Advances Report
  • Pete will review responses; report submitted to Anne
  • Re-reviewed to determine if those identified as going to clear actually cleared
  • Some issues found: credit balances and accounts not used in fiscal year (please review for these and delete them if they are no longer needed)
  • Will revise form and redo submission and review next year - with revised due date of March 31
  • E-mail Pete if you want details on your unit

Tax Issues

Note: These are slightly revised from those that were distributed at the meeting.

  • General guidelines for procurement card purchases with New York State sales tax charged:
  • Treat sales tax as a nonrecoverable expense if an exemption was not requested - e.g., an exemption certificate was not presented to the vendor when there was a clear opportunity to do so.
  • Treat sales tax and the product purchased as one expense item and recoverable (i.e., do not break out the sales tax as nonrecoverable) if efforts were made to obtain an exemption, but those efforts were unsuccessful (e.g., the vendor elected not to grant the sales-tax exemption
  • If you have any questions, please contact John McCarthy (4-4670)

Personal Communication Devices [Anne Shapiro]

  • Policy and procedures
  • Will confirm meaning of "Unit PCard"
  • Must be a card other than the person to whom personal communication device was granted
  • Best practice is for BSC pcard
  • If BSC pcard is problematic, please let Anne know
  • Policy says "calendar" year for annual review; really means once per calendar year; will work on getting wording clarified for this
  • De Minimus usage (10 percent) - If someone has a concern because it appears an individual exceeded 10 percent personal usage, contact Anne.
  • JRA Reporting
  • Have received a request for the ability to report on JRAs granted for personal communication devices (separate from other JRAs)
  • Cannot accomplish this via fourth digit of a salary object code without reprogramming
  • May be able to accomplish via adding an earnings code specifically for personal communication devices
  • Please let Robin know:
  • If a JRA earnings code (and, therefore, ability to report) would be useful to you
  • How many personal communication device JRAs you have processed already
  • How many more personal communication device JRAs are you anticipating


  • If you have not already, please submit your Kuali Interface Inventory.  The team cannot plan the next phase without having this information.  If you have questions, please contact Barb Sutton
  • Executive travel goes through UBSC - regardless of fund source
  • When booking executive travel through Axiom, please use seven-digit code for executives.  List of codes to be used are available on the BSC Directors' Secure Web Site
  • BSC "View All" requests (additions/deletions) should go through Robin
  • Please check the trip system for trips that were started, but never finished, and delete those no longer needed

Note: If you have a trip you cannot open, please e-mail Disbursement Review.


September 2008 Meeting Canceled

Meeting Agenda and Handouts: August 5, 2008

KFS System Interface Inventory

  • KFS team is not sure what's across campus that's passing transaction and/or summary level information/data to DFA applications, general ledger, CPBS, and/or other central systems
  • Will send out system interface inventory request template (see spaghetti document) and instructions
  • Will be requesting unit functional and technical names for each

Due by September 29, 2008


  • Supervisory role - DFA is working with Internal Audit on these issues to ensure "one voice" for recommendations
  • Documentation of supervisory review/approval
  • Multiple ways to handle
  • Will have something to BSC directors no later than September 15
  • Delegations
  • Some current delegations are problematic, because of the individuals who are delegating and the level to which the delegations are being given
  • Anne will have for BSC directors at their next meeting
  • Update on business meal receipts
  • Internal Audit has surveyed Ivy Plus colleagues to assist with determination of best practice recommendation
  • Update on travel advance review
  • Likely to ask again next year, but for 3/31 balances
  • Form will be updated based on feedback from this year's process
  • Will distribute summary by college
  • Issues:
  • Non-timely responses
  • Wrong date (i.e., used 6/30/08, not 5/31/08)
  • A lot of unreconciled differences as of 5/31/08
  • Almost all submissions had large balances that said would be cleared by 6/30/08.  Disbursements Review will begin review/follow-up on those in September 2008

FY08 Wrap-Up

  • Agenda development method has been to bring in speakers based on BSC issues, concerns, requests, or upon the request of central, other staff who have initiatives, etc. that will impact BSCs or for which they need subject matter expert input.  This method has seemed effective and will continue for FY09 unless feedback indicates otherwise.
  • The subcommittees are really goals established for the group for the year and were formed to ensure progress on identified issues or areas of needed improvement.  Some subcommittees/goals are "ongoing" - e.g., metrics.  If/when issues/concerns arise during FY09, we may add additional subcommittees/goals to work on.

Please let Robin know if your subcommittee will continue as an FY09 goal and/or whether it is ongoing.

FY09 Planning

  • Subcommittee and Issues
  • Scanning will reemerge as a FY09 goal.  Because it is a DFA priority as the responsible party of record, this subcommittee (unlike the other BSC Subcommittees) will be led by DFA.  Please e-mail Robin if you want to participate.
  • ADAFs: Issues identified in the meeting will be shared with Payroll office.  At a minimum, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss the issues.  A working group and/or subcommittee may be formed after initial meeting.  CIT, JGSM, CHE, Libraries, Vet, AA&D and (select) Engineering BSC directors expressed interest in being involved


  • We will implement a framework that schedules certain central offices to join BSC directors on an annual basis.  The first set of offices will be Audit (likely January), Sponsored (TBD), Risk Management (TBD), and Budget (likely November, but as schedule dictates to allow discussion of planning assumptions for next fiscal year)
  • Need to be "smaller" - and with more emphasis/discussions on best practices
  • Need better coordination with CUFF agendas to reduce duplication of presentations as much as possible
  • Should we have five-year planning and annual report training as an agenda item?

To determine if this should be pursued, please let Robin know if you also do financial planning for your units, and/or if you would be interested in this type of training.  We will share the results with the group.


  • Travel (Axiom) training is forthcoming
  • September BSC directors meeting will be canceled due to Labor Day holiday


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: July 1, 2008

Sponsored Finance Issues

  • Please let Jeff know your suggestion on reviewer and approver of PayReqs for return of unspent funds.

Paying for Services

  • DFA does an annual review comparing Form 1099 SSNs against payroll file SSNs
  • Some units will be contacted for additional information where there were matches
  • Be sure to check for employment (i.e., employee) status when paying for services to determine whether must be paid through Payroll

Note: Some services do not need to be paid through Payroll - e.g., entertainment, athletic officials/referees, subject fees (human subjects), caterers on Risk Management's list of insured vendors

Direct Payment Types

Note: Please don't choose "Other" when another payment type applies. 

Form 990 Update

  • Radical changes
  • Instructions currently only in draft form (and 150 pages)
  • Future BSC Directors agenda item when instructions are final and guidance is received from senior staff on potential new policies

Subcommittee Updates

  • Accounting and Gift Restrictions and Documentation [Diane Dawson]
  • 1/18/08 - Chantal Champagne, Director of AAD Donor Relations and Stewardship, spoke of the gift acknowledgment letter process for letters from the president and deans.  She also talked about endowment gift reporting to donors for scholarships, professorships, etc.
  • 2/15/08 - David Pinker, Director of AAD Information Services and Jutta Iacovelli, Associate Director of AAD Information Services demonstrated how gifts are processed at Cornell from inputting through to gift receipting.  David’s presentation was posted to the BSC Directors secure Web site.
  • 4/25/08 - Carrie Corbin, AAD Assistant Trust Officer, gave a presentation about types of deferred gifts and how they are processed to donor records and to the General Ledger.

Note: This presentation has been been posted on the BSC Directors secure Web site.

  • 5/8/08 - Diane Dawson presented a draft best practices document to the committee to begin gathering relevant information into one location.  More information gathering is underway.  When the committee meets again in the fall, this Best Practices document will be further developed.  It will then be reviewed by AAD, by the controller, and eventually by all the BSC Directors for further input and comment.
  • 6/3/08 - Jim Mazza, AAD Campaign Director, and Anne DiGiacomo, AAD Director of Campaign Training, spoke at the BSC Directors meeting about the current “Far Above” fund raising campaign. They distributed packets of campaign case statements and FAQs.

Note: Their PowerPoint presentation has been posted to the BSC Directors secure Web site.

Account Reviews and Reconciliations Process [Himani Mewar]

  • University Auditor has spoken to the group
  • Still in "discovery" process of differences between "reconciliation" and "review"
  • Goal is best practices document

Cash Handling [Kathy Teeter]

  • No report
  • Meeting to be scheduled in future

Independent Contractor (including Vendor Information Working Group) [Kim Tilton]

  • Insurance list on web is already out-of-date
  • Group will be reconvening soon

Emergency Planning for BSCs [Mike Barbato]

  • Using EHS on-line tool
  • Developing template of areas common for BSC's
  • Will present template to BSC Directors and invite Peggy Matta to join future meeting

Sponsored Best Practices - Post-Award [Mike Barbato]

  • Plan to be ongoing User Group
  • Have developed an outline of critical sponsored areas
  • Will flesh out procedures for each
  • Would like to add SFS and OSP staff to subcommittee
  • Will present document to this group

Capital and Non-Capital Asset Tracking and Disposal Procedures [Matt Stratton]

  • Group has met twice
  • Goal is to develop 1-2 page summary sheet highlighting policy requirements

Note: Jeff Silber mentioned reconciliation issues with assets that don't go through APPS.

Procurement Cards [Jane Pealo]

  • No report

BSC Staff/User Group [Jed Dove]

  • Soliciting team members
  • Please send your thoughts/ideas to Jed

Metrics [Robin Yager]

  • Queries have been validated or revised based on results of prior data pulls
  • Instructions are being enhanced and will now include ideas for completing FTE worksheet as well as some "definition" of what to include in effort determination
  • FY07 and FY08 YTD (through Q3) data is available on BSC Directors Secure Web siteSalary information by person does not have to be submitted.  Only salary information submitted will be total calculated in cell AB26

Note: Names and effort percentage should also still be submitted.

  • Disbursements Review & Tax
  • A reminder that, effective 7/1/08, the following organizational changes take effect within DFA:
  • Tax- John McCarthy and Lori Kanellis - will be part of the Payroll Office
  • Corporate Cards - Kathy Dymock and Natasha Aumick - will be part of Supply Management Services
  • Disbursements Review - Patty Hall, Pete Hans, Debbie Littlejohn - will report to Cathy Salino


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: June 3, 2008: "Far Above . . . . " Campaign Update
  • Benefits of utilizing e-Shop Ensures proper Cornell discount for purchases
  • Provides one-stop shopping experience for end user
  • Provides data that SMS can use to negotiate better CU volume discounts
  • Sales tax is not charged in e-Shop (unlike other online ordering)
  • Benefits of "ghost card" payment method in e-Shop
  • e-Shop users no longer need to have a PCard to utilize e-Shop
  • e-Shop users no longer need to update PCard information in e-Shop - e.g., expiration dates
  • Gives SMS a way to intervene - pre-APPS load - for orders missing an "ES" number
  • Implementation
  • Intended to be transparent to current e-Shop users
  • Once fully implemented, only change in process will be the dissolution of the e-Shop "catch-all"
  • Each e-Shop vendor will be assigned a ghost card payment number
  • e-Shop role definitions will move from "PCard and Non-PCard holders" to "Pre-Authorized and Non-Pre-Authorized"
  • Ultimate goal is to have no individual PCards in e-Shop
  • PCard and e-Shop Ghost Card transactions will come to CU in separate files so central "back office" will be able to differentiate between transaction types
  • Will be scheduling meeting with PCard Coordinators to determine if they are getting all information they need in e-Shop reports
  • Test system should be available in August 2008
  • Consensus was to switch to new Ghost Card payment method en masse - rather than piecemeal by vendor
  • Card Programs/SMS will develop document to be used for communication that explains why, when, what changes, differences, etc.

AMEX Card Changes

  • CU received notice on/around May 10 that AmEx was implementing a $35 annual fee to cards.
  • The fee can only be avoided if the July 10 bill is paid in full AND the account is then closed
  • Cutting up the card does not close the account; please contact Kathy Dymock to close accounts.
  • Next Steps
  • E-mail communication going out this week
  • Three groups have been identified and will receive different communications:
  • Terminated, retired, excluding emeritus, faculty and staff; Active or Inactive (card used, unused - respectively - in last 12 months) - will receive notice their account is being closed
  • Current faculty, staff, including emeritus; Inactive accounts - will receive notice their account is being closed
  • Current faculty, staff, including emeritus; Active accounts - will receive information on how to close account, apply for fee-free Diners Card, or that annual fee is their responsibility to pay
  • List of current AMEX card holders has been posted to the BSC Directors Secure Web Site/Other section
  • Watch eligibility!  There are individuals who have been given corporate cards that do not meet eligibility requirements


  • Please see 6/2/08 Biechele e-mail to BSC Directors listserve for additional information on account administrator identification
  • Please respond to Kevin Drake with primary and secondary account administrator identification ASAP.

Note: If this information is not entered into the system, direct bill airline tickets will not be processed - meaning the tickets will not be booked.

  • If you have previously used the CliqBook online tool, another e-mail will be sent on/around June 10 to register for the AXIOM online booking tool.
  • If you "filter" your e-mail, you may wish to check your "Trash" and "Junk" e-mail boxes for this e-mail.  Some messages have filtered there.
  • Tickets booked in Axiom are "guaranteed" for four hours - two for primary account administrator action and an additional two for secondary account administrator action

Note: A primary account administrator may still act in the second two hour window - after a transaction forwards to the secondary account administrator for action

  • Primary and Secondary Account Administrators can both identify delegates (though not each other) in cases of planned absence
  • The "back office" system management of this is still being determined

Year-End Reminders

  • Please pay particular attention to:
  • Accrual entries (Accrual corrections bring the attention of the auditor)
  • Receipts needing invoices
  • Within the next two weeks, APPS reports will be available via the SMS Web site.  This will be one of the reports.
  • Accounting period chosen for those FY09 invoices being paid in June


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: May 6, 2008

KFS A/R Module

  • Barb Sutton asked to let her know of individuals who may be interested in using the KFS A/R module, so she can put the module Subject Matter Experts (SME's) in touch with them

Travel Services Update

  • Please e-mail Dan Biechele with the names of individuals who should be considered for inclusion on a cross-function group for RFP
  • If you would like CliqBook training, please contact Bill Welch

Note: Axiom will replace CliqBook as the online booking tool on or around 6/15/08

  • A list of BSC departments will be distributed asking the BSCs to indicate "primary" and "secondary" approvers for travel

STARs Update

  • Went live about 5 weeks ago, but a number of unfinished items to be completed by year-end
  • Used "balance forward" (versus transactions) for transition to new system - requiring manual entries for adjustments.  Bursar's Office tries to include student ID and "Spring 08" as part of description for adjustments made
  • April bill ran successfully; currently focusing on Commencement
  • Went live without datamart
  • Datamart went into test this week and is expected to be available by 6/30/08
  • Do not use new datamart for year-end.  Work-arounds in ADW and WebFinancials should be sufficient to get units through year-end
  • GL will be fed nightly (vs. weekly) going foward
  • Deb Fyler is the Datamart liaison for the project
  • Please send comments/feedback to Peter Olcott

Campus Store Services Presentation

Cell Phone Policy Update


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: April 1, 2008


  • Disbursement Review & Tax (effective July 1):
  • Tax responsibility - John McCarthy and Lori Kanellis - will move organizationally to the Payroll Office
  • Disbursement Review - Patty Hall and Peter Hans - will report to Cathy Salino; Patty will be the Supervisor of  Disbursements Review
  • Travel Office
  • The online booking tool is not new, but because of the substantial increase in the number of travelers utilizing it, training may be needed
  • A full "Travel Services Update" will be provided at the next BSC Directors meeting

Getting Ready for Year-End

  • Advance Accounts Review
  • Please complete the template or all advance accounts with balances as of 5/31/08
  • Disbursements Review will be reviewing those that are > 90 days aged at June 30 year-end for possible imputing of income
  • SOX
  • Not much change from last year
  • Form will be revised so data can be entered electronically
  • Reminder to pay particular attention to Gift Restrictions and Deficit Accounts - both of which have SOX questions related to them

Getting Payment Requests Paid 

  • Daily review of queue only necessary for "critical payments"
  • Disbursement Review will follow up with units if supporting documentation is not received by DFA within two weeks of payment being approved 
  • Anne will come back to BSC with guidelines and best practices for payment requests, supporting documentation

Open Discussion and Input (BSC Directors as Subject Matter Experts)

  • Proposed changes to vendor information form re: SSN
  • Group charged with improving new vendor set-up process meeting regularly
  • Current focus is on taxable income paid to outside persons
  • Need solution that manages risk and balances the needs of having a unique identifier of an individual, getting invoices paid quickly, and protecting information that should be secure
  • May separate request for vendor set-up from W-9 (includes SSN) form request
  • Please send feedback and ideas to Cathy Salino
  • Issue will be solved in calendar 2008
  • Operation I.D. - Policy 2.1
  • Anne Shapiro will follow-up on BSC Director discussions with Joanne DeStefano and Pat Johnson

Note: University Policy Office reports to Pat

  • Proposed Change to Business Expense Policy [Meals]
  • Please send feedback and comments to Cathy Salino
  • Goal is to have language changed within next two to three weeks

May, June Agendas

  • Current planned agendas through the end of the fiscal year:
  • May - Campus Store Services, Travel Services Update, STARs Update, Payment Request Guidelines and Best Practices
  • June - Form 990 Update, Far Above....Campaign Update
  • Please send any agenda item needs/request to Robin

General Updates


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: March 4, 2008

PCard Receipt Monitoring Discussion


  • Status Update
  • FY08 Q1 & Q2 data is posted to BSC Directors secure Web site
  • Form and instructions need be updated, therefore, no due date for submission has yet been established
  • Reporting recommendation distributed and accepted


  • Barb Sutton thanked everyone for volunteers; great teams have been established


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: February 5, 2008

Establishing PayPal Accounts

Wire Transfers

  • New forms (separating domestic and international) coming
  • Use ACH vs. wire transfer whenever possible ($.35 vs. $15.00/per transaction)
  • DFA working with Cash Management to reduce current cycle time for these transactions

BSC Subcommittee Leads

  • An updated BSC Subcommittee list - with leads identified for each Subcommittee - has been posted tothe BSC Directors secure web site.


  • Trip System Comment Field is not currently editable and will not be made editable in the future
  • Executive Travel should go through UBSC - regardless of fund source
  • Kuali Financial System [KFS] - Chart of Account Team Subcommittee Volunteers needed (2-3 each) for discussions on the following:
  • Use of Project/Duo/Last Digit of Object Code - please contact Barb Sutton
  • Use of Salary Object Codes - please contact Diane Cross
  • Student Financials going online in six weeks.  Info in legacy and PeopleSoft will both feed ADW until 6/30/08
  • Form 990 has had dramatic changes for FY09.  Topic will continue to be on agenda, time permitting, for updates on those changes.


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: January, 8, 2008

Review of Trends - Audit

  • Many of these trends may become discussion items for BSC Staff/User Group

Kuali - Update on Next Phase Planning

PI spend authorization handling

  • Research uses Sponsored Programs portal
  • CALs uses Web Financials
  • This topic may become a discussion item for BSC Staff/User Group

BSC Subcommittee Leads

  • Each BSC Subcommittee needs identified a lead to drive initiative and keep group moving toward identified goals - need volunteers
  • DFA will continue to assist and act as consultant to each subcommittee 
  • Please let Robin know for which subcommittee(s) you will volunteer for lead position


  • Travel Office Travel Req Authorization process rewrite
  • Ready to do programming
  • Open issue on number of account fields available and validation of same 
  • Open issue must be resolved before moving forward
  • Wire transfers
  • Effort underway to speed up payments
  • Making internal, procedural changes
  • New forms coming - separate forms for domestic and international
  • Will no longer ask how (wire or ACH), but when . . . Cash Management will determine methodology. ($7.50 cost per wire; $.08 per ACH)
  • Gail Thayer will join future meeting for further explanation


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