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2007 Meeting Notes

Meeting Agenda and Handouts: February 6, 2007

Purchasing Initiatives Update



Account Reviews and Reconciliation Process

Web Financials

  • Enhancements will be slower than planned
  • User group to be reconstituted in the new future


  • Phase 1 Kuali Financial System [KFS] software released 10/14/06
  • Phase 2a (budget; contracts & grants - post award; labor ledger; purchasing and accounts payable) scheduled for release on 9/30/07
  • Phase 2b (accounts receivable, capital assets) scheduled for release on 6/30/08
  • Cornell Implementation to be done in phases:
  • Start-up phase (2007) Discovery phase (2008)
  • Implementation Phase (2009-2010)
  • Project funding requests will be timed-up with implementation phases - i.e., each phase includes securing funding for next phase

BSC Subcommittee Updates

  • Updated Subcommittee list and information posted on BSC Directors Secure Web Site/"Other" section

Cash Handling

Independent Contractor

Procurement Card

  • Review the list posted to the BSC directors secure Web site/"Procurement" section


Notice: Travel to Countries on the U.S. Department of State Warnings list should not occur without Risk Management's approval.


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: March 6, 2007

Research Review and Other Emerging Issues

Spending Restricted Dollars


  • Web Financials Groups - Two groups being (re-)constituted.  Please get your recommendations for participation to Sue Payne as soon as possible
  • Web Financial Users Group
  • Purpose: to discuss and share information on Web Financials reporting tool, including current tool, new functionality, enhancements, and upgrades
  • Web Financial Steering (Working) Group
  • Purpose: to provide guidance for reporting, and assist DFA in reviewing enhancement requests, setting priorities, and testing new functionality.
  • Deans Travel with AA&D staff
  • Memorandum of Understanding now on file allowing AA&D staff to pay, if/when appropriate, certain expenses on behalf of a dean with whom they may be traveling for fund raising purposes
  • Dean's electronic trip will include explanations for any such payments/expenses paid by others on the dean's behalf


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: April 3, 2007

CIT Unified Billing System [CUBS]

Disbursements Review & Tax - Metrics Gathering


Next Meeting Agenda

Foreign Nationals Not Work Authorized

Gifts Accounting Needs/Reporting Update

  • "Designation" worksheet has been posted to the BSC Directors Secure Web site in the "Other" section
  • AA&D will provide donor intent information upon request
  • Direct questions to David Pinker via e-mail or by phone at 4-7172

Year-end reminders

  • Exempt Time
  • Encourage the use of exempt-time electronic application for unit ease, as well as central ease in assembling information to book fiscal year-end vacation accrual
  • Use of the application is not mandatory
  • DFA will work through BSC directors for those not using application to obtain unit-level information on the number of days accrual at June 30, 2007

Outsourcing Check Printing

  • On/around June 1, 2007, Accounts Payable checks will no longer be printed on-campus
  • Cut-off deadlines will change
  • Checks will be run three times per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Ability to pick up checks on campus will continue
  • Electronic Pay Advices - published to the Web - likely implemented sometime in calendar 2008

DRAFT SOX questionnaire (distributed at meeting, will not be posted)

  • Anne would appreciate input
  • Document will be going out in June
  • Anne will review select unit comments and questionnaire adjustments at next meeting

Demo of Web Financials/Scanning Proof-of-Concept Underway in CALS and Vet College


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: May 1, 2007

Web Financials - Scanning

  • Subcommittee
  • Ready to create a subcommittee to work for next several months on business rules, procedures, etc.
  • Subcommittee will be combination/subset of current Web Financials Users Group, BSC Subcommittee members and others volunteers
  • If you'd like to participate on this subcommittee, please let Robin know.
  • Key issues to consider/address
  • Administrative Burden (do it once, do it right, do it in the place that makes the most sense)
  • Do it electronically
  • Compliance, Books & Records
  • Security Access

Purchasing - Enhancing the Customer Experience


SOX Questionnaire

  • Excellent suggestions have been received and will be incorporated
  • Final draft will be shared with BSC Directors when ready

Subcommittee Updates

  • Working on insurance information - needs to be accurate and timely
  • Tentative date of May 15 for publishing information
  • Communications will be done through BSC Directors listserv
  • Outsourcing check printing - Update
  • On track for 6/4 implementation
  • If we miss 6/4 implementation, then will move implementation to September
  • This will also implement three check writings per week

Year-end Reminders

BSC Access, Lists

  • Requests for "View All" access go to Cathy
  • Changes to BSC Staff or BSC-to-Dept-Code lists go to Robin

Procurement Card Best Practices - FYI [Robin Yager]


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: June 5, 2007

Electronic Pay Stubs

  • Questions:  Contact Tamara Melton or Wes Buchanan

Purchasing - Raising Bid Limit

Remote Deposit Capture Process

  • June 21 demo scheduled.  If you can't attend, can make separate, alternative arrangements for your unit
  • Access to more information, likely equal workload to current procedures
  • Copies of checks will no longer be necessary
  • All deposits to one account; each department will have their own code
  • Will have download capability - to feed other university systems
  • Not planning to send check images back to department
  • We will have more control over information
  • Deposits for same-day credit can now be made up to 6p (and are no longer limited by armored car schedule)
  • New procedure may reduce current number of armored car service stops
  • Future possibilities for "back office conversion" - will turn checks into ACHs; minimizes notification process

Transaction/Payment Approver Authority Changes


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: August 7, 2007

Procurement Card Receipt Scanning Guidelines Q&A *Updated October 2007

  • One year retention is federal requirement
  • Scanned version is same as record retention policy (six years, plus current)
  • "One year" = rolling 12 months

BSC Subcommittees

  • The BSC Subcommittee  is being reviewed and updated for FY08.  The review is not yet complete.  The review will be completed at a future meeting

Payment Authority

  • New policy effective 7/1/07
  • Travel system is still using payment authority database and, therefore, is contradictory to the current payment approval authority



  • SOX
  • Closed for FY07
  • Document will be distributed as both PDF and Word in FY08
  • Will attempt to get final version out earlier for FY08

Outsourcing Check Printing

  • Have tested everything but distribution
  • Should go live on Friday, 8/10
  • Check writing and delivery schedule

Pay Advices

  • 9/15/07 - no more paper advices for exempt staff
  • 12/31/07 - no more paper advices for nonexempt staff
  • As of 1/1/08 - checks mailed


  • Wes Buchanan will join next meeting to discuss

Organization Charts

  • Reminder to submit these to Robin Yager  - if you have not yet done so


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: September 4, 2007



  • Payroll needs your comments on one-page handout

Kuali Financial System (KFS) Start-Up Planning and spaghetti diagram

  • A draft inventory of current financial business/transactional processes was distributed
  • BSC directors asked to take the list back to their areas, review with their staff, add any current processes utilized in their area that are not on the list (enter these at the bottom of the list), and indicate (yes or no) if your BSC currently uses a process listed on the inventory
  • Due 10/1/07 - e-mail to Barb Sutton

e-Shop Roll-out Plan


  • Each BSC director may grant access to metrics data to one additional person within their BSC
  • All subcommittee members have access to the data
  • Subcommittee is available as a resource
  • Due 10/1/07 - E-mail to Robin Yager

BSC Subcommittees

  • BSC subcommittee work and goals for FY08 are final and available
  • Subcommittee members will be asked to give regular updates at meetings
  • Subcommittees can also request time on the agenda for updates as needed


  • Inactive NetID's and search function
  • An improvement to the PayReq system will solve this issue
  • Outsourcing of Checking Printing
  • Successfully implemented
  • Most issues have been internal and invisible to campus community
  • Portable electronic devices policy under development and will be fast-tracked


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: October 2, 20007

Welcome and Announcements

Tax Forms - Review and Discussion

KFS Start-Up Planning - Business/Transactional Processes Inventory Update

Financial Data Access Policy and New Security Process

  • Approved impact statement for new Financial Data Access policy - in support of University Policy 4.12, Data Stewardship and Custodianship
  • New policy, which is expected to be complete in FY08 (preliminary draft already completed), will establish controls over requesting, granting, removing, reviewing, and certifying access to financial data
  • Need four volunteers for editorial board. Please contact Rayna King
  • BSC Access By Role Matrix is available to assist in the interim with system/security access

Graphics Procurement Initiative


  • Travel authorization process review volunteers
  • Tom Romantic has requested volunteers to assist with the development of their own authorization db for online travel requisitions
  • Volunteers needed soon. Please contact Tom Romantic

Supervisory Review Delegation for Travel

  • Form updated
  • Annual validation process by Disbursement Review & Tax

Auto Usage Contacts

  • List of department contacts available on BSC directors' secure site/"Other" section
  • Please validate (or update) the contact name and e-mail address listed for each department and return to Leah Barry by October 8

"View All" Access

  • Recommendation complete and accepted; to be distributed via BSC directors' listserv

Year End


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: November 6, 2007

Kuali Financial System (KFS) Start-Up Planning - Business Processes 

  • Compiling responses
  • Please continue to submit

Kuali Financial System (KFS) Start-Up Planning - Report Inventory

  • Please review the list with appropriate individuals in your college/unit
  • Answer Yes/No to the have/want/need columns
  • When you answer "yes," please add business purpose

Travel - Supervisory Review

  • Please submit current procedures - by constituency - including all steps/reviews/approval to Robin
  • We will compile responses and redistribute for discussion of next steps

Credit Card Programs Issues and Reminders

  • Review information on new Corporate Card Web pages, so that you can act as an information source for your units
  • Corporate card cardholders list will be posted quarterly to BSC Directors' secure Web site
  • Pcard holders list can be pulled from US Bank via the Web at any time
  • Please email Kathy and let her know your HR counterpart
  • If you are the correct person to review the list of corporate card cardholders, please do so
  • If any account changes are needed (e.g., transferred to new unit or left the university), please contact Kathy

e-Shop Update

e-Pay Report/Update

  • The address change instructions are available on the Payroll site
  • Under "View Your Paycheck-ePay" in QuickLinks (right side of page), look for:
  • Address Verification - Employee
  • Address Verification - Student


  • Developed as a result of BSC Subcommittee on Gifts
  • Personal Communication Device Policy
  • Draft to be distributed soon.  Will likely be an item for discussion at next BSC Directors meeting
  • Monthly Accounting (Actuate Replacement) Reports
  • Roll-out delayed
  • Travel Office - Air Travel Requisition Authorizations
  • Meeting scheduled for those that volunteered
  • PayReq new release
  • Finance Mentoring Program
  • DFA is looking for individuals who would be good at mentoring financial staff at Cornell


Meeting Agenda and Handouts: December 2007

CIT Billing Office

  • Billing Office will act as one-stop accounting interface
  • Fully staffed now; Web site to come
  • Working toward centralization of all CIT billed services into one bill
  • NCS anticipated to "go live" on Monday, December 17
  • Pinnacle system planned to transition right away
  • NUBB will be transitioned very soon

Disbursements Review & Tax Sessions

  • Will come out to units/groups for sessions as requested/needed - general or topic specific
  • Please contact Patty Hall (5-8179) or Peter Hans (5-0871) to schedule a session

DRAT Executive Travel Results Review

  • Four themes emerged
  • Anne will contact appropriate BSC director and SFG member for further discussion, where warranted

Travel - Delegated Supervisory Role

  • Please complete template by Friday, December 21

KPMG Memos

  • Gift certificates
  • Collecting sales tax from Internet sales
  • Graduate Student Insurance
  • Employee Degree Program taxability


  • Travel Office Travel Req Authorization Project
  • Meeting held last week
  • Currently considering using BSC list by department code to build authorization table
  • May end up with a "View All"-like role for "super users" (BSC staff)

Personal Communication Device Policy

  • Responses currently being collated for review
  • Meeting to be held next week
  • Committee needs to talk about implementation procedures and how to ensure consistent application of new policy

Subcommittee Updates

  • New DFA representative for capital and non-capital asset tracking and disposal procedures