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Supplier Information Form

To effectively do business with Cornell, suppliers should complete and submit a Supplier Information form and an IRS W-9 form.  These forms are necessary to ensure the following:

  • compliance with IRS guidelines
  • compliance with legal regulations
  • fulfillment of internal and external reporting requirements
  • provision of timely payments to our suppliers

IRS Form W-9
According to IRS regulations, Cornell University must obtain your correct taxpayer identification number to report income paid to you.  Please fax this completed form to the Office for Supply Management Services at 607-255-9450.

Supplier Information Form
Suppliers must complete this form to provide information that the university uses to support internal reporting requirements, as well as those of external agencies, and to help ensure that transactions are performed accurately. This form can be completed and submitted online.

For Supply Management Staff

SMS Supplier Administration Access (restricted access)

ACH Self-Enrollment for Vendors

ACH enrollment allows Cornell to securely and economically pay vendors and other payees through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system (i.e., direct deposit). For vendors, this service is an efficient alternative to receiving paper check payments.