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Direct Deposit

Cornell employees may sign up to have their paychecks automatically deposited into their bank accounts. Having earnings direct-deposited has several advantages over handling paper paychecks:

  • Checks will not be lost in the mail or misplaced
  • Pay will be received on payday, even while on vacation or out sick
  • Checks will never become part of New York State's abandoned property under the "Abandoned Property Law"

Employees can now manage their direct deposit enrollment through Workday.

Follow these instructions for setting up direct deposit and stopping or changing your payment or bank elections.


  • Employees electing to receive direct deposit for earnings may also be eligible to receive travel reimbursement amounts via ACH Enrollment.
  • Due to processing and pre-notification times, it may take up to two paycheck cycles before funds begin being direct-deposited. During this time, paychecks will continue to be mailed to the address on file.

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