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Policy Review Groups

Two standing committees must review and approve new or revised policies that affect the entire Cornell community. The Executive Policy Review Group (EPRG), which comprises vice presidents and academic deans, meets quarterly and applies an institutional perspective to reviewing proposed or significantly revised policies.

Once the EPRG has approved the "Impact Statement," drafting of the full policy begins, incorporating stakeholder inputs. Completed drafts are "reality-tested" by the Policy Advisory Group (PAG), the second standing committee, which is made up of senior university administrators and meets monthly. Upon PAG acceptance, the policy returns to the EPRG for final approval.

Executive Policy Review Group (EPRG)

Harper Watters
Associate Vice President and University Treasurer

Joshua Adams
Director, University Policy Office and Division of Financial Affairs Communications
Division of Financial Affairs

Joseph A. Burns
Dean of the Faculty

Ted Dodds
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

James Kahn
Deputy University Counsel
Weill Medical College of Cornell University

Alan Mathios
Dean, College of Human Ecology

James J. Mingle
University Counsel and Secretary of the Corporation

Glen Mueller
University Auditor-Chief Audit Executive
Audit Office

Susan H. Murphy
Vice President for Student and Academic Services

Mary Opperman
Vice President for Human Resources

Joseph Schwartz
Weill Medical College of Cornell University

Tracy Vosburgh
Assistant Vice President for University Communications

Juliet Weissman
Chief Administrative Officer
Cornell Tech



Policy Advisory Group (PAG)

Jamie Parris
Staff Writer
University Policy Office and Division of Financial Affairs Communications
Division of Financial Affairs

Joshua Adams
Director, University Policy Office and Division of Financial Affairs Communications
Division of Financial Affairs

Patricia A Avery
Administrative Manager
Department of Policy Analysis and Management
College of Human Ecology

Michelle A. Bogard
CLASSE Financial Manager
Lab for Elementary-Particle Physics

Tony Caudill
Director, Human Resources
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Timothy James Durnford
Associate Dean for Business Affairs
Statler Hotel Administration

Michael V. Esposito
Assistant Director
Workforce Policy and Labor Relations

Debra Marie Federation
Director, Cash Management
Office of the Treasurer

David J. Howe
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
College of Veterinary Medicine

Lauran Jacoby
Human Resource Subject Specialist
Workforce Policy and Labor Relations

Ewart Johnson
Manager of Compliance and Disbursements Review
Finance Department
Weill Cornell Medical College

Dr. Ellis Loew
University Assemblies
Professor, Biomedical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine

Craig McAllister
Director, Risk Management
Risk Management & Insurance

Patricia A. McClary
Associate University Counsel
Office of University Counsel

Wyman Miles
Director of IT Security and Associate CIO
Cornell Information Technologies

Jane M. Pealo
Manager, Finance and Administration
Student and Academic Services

Mark A. Perry
Audit Director
University Audit Office

Lyn C. Pohl
Administrative Manager, Office of the Dean
College of Architecture, Art and Planning

Kenneth R. Putnam
Director, University and Small Academic Business Service Center
Division of Financial Affairs

Richard F. Robinson
Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
Law School

Jeffrey Silber
Senior Director, Sponsored Program Services
Division of Financial Affairs