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Purchasing Tutorials

These self-paced online tutorials cover KFS Purchasing e-docs or examples.

  • KFSPUR-400REQS-Tutorial 01 (Basic Requisition)
  • KFSPUR-400REQS-Tutorial 02 (Recurring Requisition)
  • KFSPUR-400REQS-Tutorial 03 (Capital Asset Requisition)
  • KFSPUR-400eSHOP-Tutorial (e-SHOP/Shop Catalogs)
  • KFSPUR-400POA-Tutorial (PO Amendments)
  • KFSPUR-410LIR-Tutorial (Line-Item Receiving)
  • KFSPUR-430VSU-Tutorial (Purchasing Vendor Set-Up)
  • PUR 111 (Procurement Card Tutorial and Exam)

You must enroll in and take classes and tutorials through CU Learn. Refer to the library main page for instructions. We recommend you copy and paste course numbers (e.g., "KFSPUR-400OV") from this catalog to search for classes and tutorials in CU Learn.

Category: Procurement

Keywords: e-SHOP, purchase order, receiving, Requisition, tutorials, vendor

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