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Contracts & Grants

The following frequently asked questions relate to contracts and grants in KFS. Learn more about the e-docs used in processing contract- and grant-related transactions in the Financial Processing Module section of the Kuali Financial System at Cornell Web site. Also see the Financial Processing tutorials available in the KFS Training library. For information about the Contracts & Grants module, watch the Contracts & Grants Module Overview available in the KFS resource library.

Search FAQ:

How will sponsored budgets be converted from legacy to KFS?

The conversion is part of the central conversion process and requires no unit-level action. Please note, however, that...

  • Budget activity for sponsored budgets, cumulative through May close, will be converted and available as of July 1 or shortly thereafter.
  • June budget activity, which may include new budgets and/or modifications, will be loaded after we close our legacy system for fiscal year 2011 (scheduled for the last week in July 2011).

How will new (post-July 1) sponsored accounts and their associated authorized budgets be entered into KFS?

The initial account (a.k.a., the Contract Control Account) will be set up by DFA’s Office of Sponsored Financial Services (SFS) - not by the unit - and established upon distribution of the agreement. Once the account is approved, the budget is entered via the Budget Adjustment e-doc and will route to the delegated fiscal officer (FO). Please note that sponsored budgets are entered as a current budget and are not a base budget adjustment.

Who can initiate and approve Budget Adjustment e-docs for sponsored accounts?

The Initiator role for the Budget Adjustment e-doc and the delegated fiscal officer can reside outside the FTC/BSC.

What will Kuali Coeus (KC) impact sponsored accounts and their associated budgets?

The development and implementation of the Kuali Coeus Award module will integrate with KFS will support the automatic creation of the Contract Control Account and the award budget.

How does KFS handle the “allocation” of budgets from the Contract Control Account to other accounts?

Subsequent accounts (either sub-accounts or project-related accounts) will be created primarily by the unit. Budgets will be allocated to project-related accounts by Sponsored Financial Services (SFS), while a unit can allocate budget to a KFS sub-account as necessary. SFS will, however, create a KFS sub-account for a new sub-recipient agreement and allocate the budget accordingly.

How does KFS handle the business need to allocate a sponsor’s “broad budget” to discrete line items (aligned with the overall budget)?

Units can reallocate using line-item budgets, including monthly line-item budgets, consistent with the overall award.