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Task Form
Request Remote Deposit Capture Setup
Remote Deposit Capture Application
Request Remote Deposit Capture User Setup
Remote Deposit Capture Customer User Setup Form
Establish a merchant account for accepting credit cards
Application for a Credit Card Merchant Account
Deposit international checks
International Check Collection Form
Notify Cash Management of incoming wire transfers, ACHs, or EFTs
Notification of Expected Incoming Wire Transfer/ACH or EFT
Claim unidentified receipts
Notification of Claiming Unidentified Receipts
Process an international wire transfer
International Wire Transfer Checklist
Record cash and Remote Deposit Capture check bank deposits
Advance Deposit e-doc (KFS)*
Record domestic payments
Disbursement Voucher e-doc (KFS)*
Record international payments
Disbursement Voucher e-doc (KFS)*
Request a new departmental bank account
Application to Request a New Bank Account
Request to change a contact or reconciler on a departmental bank account
Request to Change Departmental Contact or Departmental Bank Account Reconciler
Request to change authorized bank signers on a departmental bank account
Request to Change Authorized Bank Signer
Request to close a departmental bank account
Application to Request Closure of a Bank Account
Apply for a lockbox account
Lockbox Application
Request a credit card refund through the Tompkins Trust Company lockbox
Tompkins Trust Company – Lockbox Credit Card Refund Form
Bank Account Reconciliations
Reconcile departmental petty cash accounts
Petty Cash Reconciliation form
Reconcile foreign university accounts
Foreign Account Reconciliation form
Reconcile domestic university accounts
Domestic Account Reconciliation form

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