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Loan Exit Interview

The purpose of the "exit interview" is to inform you of your rights and responsibilities based on the financial aid you accepted from Cornell University. You must complete an exit interview when you graduate or take a leave/withdrawal from the university. The information presented during the interview is a summary of the information contained on the promissory note(s) you signed for financial aid. The promissory note is the binding obligation between you and Cornell University. We suggest that you review your promissory note(s) carefully to become familiar with all of the features and your responsibilities.

You can complete your exit interview online using a service provided by Heartland ECSI after you receive your PIN from the Student Loan office. For May graduates, PINs are sent out in April and are different from FAFSA PINs.

If you have questions while completing your exit interview, you may use the contact links provided on the exit interview page, or contact the Student Loan office by e-mail at or by phone at (607) 255-7234.

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Notes: This exit interview is used only for your student loans serviced by Cornell University, such as the Perkins, Health Professional, and University/Institutional loans.

This application is secure and can only be accessed by authorized application users.

If you also have student loans with other lenders, those lenders may require you to complete a separate exit interview for those loans.  For links to other lenders, see Student Loan Resources.