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New supplier for books and publications

February 22, 2011 - Cornell Procurement Services, Financial Business Service Centers

Keywords: suppliers, books, e-SHOP

We understand the importance to faculty and staff of having a smooth process for purchasing books, so we are pleased to announce that we have found a supplier who will work with the university in a contractual agreement that provides savings and fast service. The new provider is called, and it is available now in e-SHOP with a punch-out catalog.

Cornell turned to the corporate wholesale market to find a supplier for books and publications after well-known book retailers and Barnes & Noble discontinued their contracts with us. is a minority-owned small business located in Austin, Texas, and is the world’s largest online supplier of books and publications for the corporate and educational market. They offer over 2.5 million titles including books, government publications, and audio and video recordings.


  • Discounts ranging from 30-45%
  • Free standard ground shipping on all orders over $25
  • Discounted rates of 30-40% on expedited shipping
  • Bulk order discounts of 5-10%
  • Customer service representative via phone or e-mail
  • Automated acknowledgment of Cornell’s tax-exempt status
  • No need to submit receipts for e-SHOP purchases

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