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KFS Implementation September 2010 Update

September 21, 2010 - Financial Business Service Centers, Kuali Financial System at Cornell

Keywords: Kuali Financial System, Chart of Accounts, Reimagining, e-doc, reporting, modules, training

There are 284 days left until KFS goes live! With July 1, 2011, always in mind, our work is ever expanding to help get campus ready to make this enormous, critical change.

As Kim Yeoh, KFS implementation project director, wrote recently on the blog, the KFS team is working alongside two other efforts in progress. One of these, the Chart of Accounts Consistent Use Working Group, chaired by Michael Matier, director for academic planning and information systems, has begun work on a comprehensive review of chart elements (organizations, accounts, sub-accounts, function codes, etc.) to establish protocols for their consistent application and use. Their goal is to bring consistency in establishing the new chart of accounts and to enable financial reporting that is both consistent and comparable across the institution.

A second group, piloted by Joanne DeStefano and in conjunction with the Reimagining Finance at Cornell initiative, is addressing transaction processing in the new KFS world. Its goals are to establish standards in assignment of roles and data access to users, including delegation of authority to approve transactions, and to define the most effective workflow for each type of financial transaction. The outcome will be a set of standard operating procedures. Three pilots are in progress, involving the KFS Account Maintenance e-doc, the Transfer of Funds e-doc, and the procurement card review and reallocation process.

With any large project, rumors are likely. Kim Yeoh responded on our blog to what she’s been hearing. 

Read it at If the buzz you hear sounds different, please e-mail us at so that we can respond with accurate information.

Project Team Updates

  • Using an early version of KFS called the pre-production instance (PPI), a group of almost 100 people, including 70 from campus units, is working to validate the KFS chart of accounts structure, testing the mapping from the legacy to the KFS framework. This makes use of Cornell monthly balances loaded from the legacy system into KFS. It is an ongoing project, with a timeline based on the scope of the accounts in the units.
  • As part of the PPI effort, FY11 beginning balances converted from the legacy system were made available on September 10. We will use this data to produce and validate consolidated financial statements in KFS.
  • The KFS Information Delivery & Reporting (ID&R) team presented an update and demonstrated the KFS dashboard to 86 staff members. They recently completed eliciting business critical financial information requirements with KFS module leads and campus focus groups—128 attendees in all. The team is now meeting with executive offices to gather their requirements, which will be added to the overall needs inventory. The ID&R team plans to share its deliverables for July 1, 2011, by September 30 to various stakeholder groups.
  • The KFS module teams are excited to begin using an environment with Cornell data to test setup options for each module. These include business rules (for example, which types of object codes are allowed on an Internal Billing e-doc), user access (who is allowed to initiate or view a specific type of e-doc), and workflow.
  • The Interfaces team continues to deliver interface update plans, with 35 delivered to date. Next, they will deliver Interface Infrastructure solutions and support campus customers as they remediate and test the interfaces between their applications and KFS.
  • The Data Conversion team continues to support the KFS PPI, ensuring valid chart of accounts and balance information. The team is also assisting in the effort to have a working KFS functional environment with Cornell data, and has been working with the PeopleSoft team to make sure they have the necessary chart of accounts data to feed transactions into the general ledger.
  • The Customizations team has begun implementing customizations to KFS that have been deemed necessary for it to be successfully implemented and used at Cornell. Customizations have been approved by the KFS project director and steering committee.

Learn More

  • Talk to your campus liaison with questions about how KFS might affect your area. Find your liaison
  • Learn about the KFS accounting string, accounts, sub-accounts, object codes, sub-object codes on the Chart of Accounts page
  • Watch videos and presentations about KFS modules and Kuali workflow in the Presentations library
  • See global e-docs in action—take the Account Global e-doc tutorial on the Training page
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Please send project questions and requests to become involved with the implementation to Mike Allmendinger, KFS campus readiness lead, at

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