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New phone number for Campus-to-Campus bus service

June 15, 2010 - University and Small Academic Support Services

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The telephone number for the Campus-to-Campus express bus service has been changed to (607) 254-TRIP (8747).

The new number now has several lines to dramatically decrease encountering a busy signal. Assistance from Campus-to-Campus (C2C) is seamlessly available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

The Wi-Fi capacity on the C2C bus fleet has just been doubled, as well. Wherever there is Verizon cellular coverage along the route, passengers should experience improved online accessibility. As a reminder, please be courteous to fellow passengers when using cellphones and Internet connections on the bus.

Please review the excerpt below from the C2C terms and conditions:

"Campus-to-Campus is designed as a business-class service to allow passengers to use their travel time productively, if they wish. Since cellphone use has become an integral part of doing business, the use of cellphones on the Campus-to-Campus buses is permitted. However, as a courtesy to your fellow passengers, please keep calls quiet, brief, and infrequent.

Providing Wi-Fi Internet access to a busload of passengers is a challenge, and bandwidth is limited. Again, as a courtesy to those sharing this resource, please restrict your use, avoiding activities such as streaming video or sending or receiving large files."

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