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e-SHOP Now Available for Direct Billing Airfare Booked by AAA

January 20, 2010 - Cornell Procurement Services

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The following announcement was sent by e-mail to people who have asked to hear from the Office for Supply Management Services (SMS). If you would like to subscribe to receive, or unsubscribe from receiving announcements from SMS please send an e-mail to

Dear Cornell Travelers and Travel Arrangers:

Since discontinuing the use of American Express for travel booking services, we are pleased to provide you with an alternative. As we announced previously, we encourage you to use AAA (formerly Stone Travel) for booking all Cornell business-related travel, because they are willing to bill Cornell directly for guest, group, and international travel. Invoices for travel booked through AAA may be paid via e-SHOP or the Payment Request System. 

Guest, Group and International Billing Process

  1. Call Corporate Travel at 607-257-3557 or 800-937-1222
  2. Identify the traveler as Cornell affiliated
  3. Provide billing information (AAA will set up each department with its own company code and billing information)
  • Once the trip is ticketed, AAA will e-mail the invoice to the travel arranger. AAA will also send invoices weekly
  1. Pay the invoice via e-SHOP or submit the invoice to the department’s BSC to be processed using the Payment Request System

A webinar tutorial on paying AAA invoices via e-SHOP is available on our website at

Process for Paying Travel Invoices Via e-SHOP
The invoices submitted via this process will result in a charge in the the APPS procurement card queue.

  1. Upon receiving the AAA invoice, log into e-SHOP
  2. Under Hosted Catalog Suppliers, select AAA
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Search Forms
  4. Select View Form
  5. Under Passenger Information, enter the traveler’s first and last name
  6. Under Description, enter the travel date and departure and arrival cities
  7. Enter the invoice date and the invoice reference number which are both located in the upper right-hand corner of the invoice
  8. Enter the total cost of the trip
  9. At the top of the screen, select “Add and go to Cart” and click Go
  10. Review your cart and enter the business purpose of the trip
  11. Click Submit

AAA also provides business travel arrangements for Cornell faculty and staff with payments made using Cornell Diner’s Club card, a personal credit card, or a travel advance. 

Watch for an announcement next month regarding a new travel Web portal, which will assist you in finding travel providers who comply with Cornell policies. The site will have information and links to approved travel agencies (including AAA); airline, hotel, and car rental contracts; and online booking tools. For updates to Cornell’s travel options, visit the Travel Services Web site at

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