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We’re Having a Fit (and it’s a GOOD thing!)

May 13, 2010 - Financial Business Service Centers, Kuali Financial System at Cornell

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The following is a post from the Kuali Financial System at Cornell Blog.

If you’ve spent any time with folks on the KFS Implementation project, you’re sure to have heard the word “fit” used over and over again: “It’s a fit; welcome to our Fit Session; one size DOES fit all.” We even call the functional team the Fit Team! While we’d like to tell you that this refers to our outstanding fitness level, it really has nothing to do with that, but having a fit turns out to be a big win for Cornell.

The Kuali Financial System is a comprehensive financial system that was developed by a group of colleges and universities to specifically meet higher’s ed’s needs. This is the fit we’re referring to. We know it’s going to work for us; it’s a fit!

Cornell has been a contributing partner on the KFS project since 2004, with both developers and functional staff participating in the design and coding of the system. It’s like having a custom built application without having to do all that work ourselves!

Three of the other partner schools have already gone live with KFS; Colorado State University, San Joaquin Delta Community College, and the Naval Postgraduate School. Each of their implementations have gone well, and users have been very pleased with the new system.

The rest of the KFS partner schools are all implementing it, and are at different stages in their projects. The really neat thing about this is that we have a collaboration group that we can post questions and concerns to, and get answers and feedback from our peers. So if we think we have an issue where something won’t work for Cornell, we post a question to the group and quickly get answers back from our colleagues as to how they have addressed our issue at their school. This often provides us with alternatives that allow us to use the system as delivered. In many cases it is actually very easy to make minor adjustments to our business processes to fit and work with the system

We’re sure you’ll agree that fit is fun, and it’s good for Cornell! Please be sure to check back often for many more “big wins” with KFS over the next few months.

Barb Sutton
KFS Functional Lead

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