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KFS Accounting String

This page compares the existing accounting string with that in KFS. It illustrates the changes to account number, changes to object code, and changes to project and DUO codes.

Today’s accounting string consists of four elements:

  • seven-character account number (Dept-Subledger)
  • object code
  • project code (optional)
  • DUO (Department Use Only) code (optional)

The new KFS accounting string will consist of seven elements:

  • chart code (two characters)
  • account (seven characters)
  • sub-account (optional, up to five characters)
  • object code (four characters)
  • sub-object code (optional, up to three characters)
  • project code (The use for this code at Cornell is, as yet, undefined.)
  • org ref ID (This is an optional, free-form field, using up to eight characters.)

The illustration below compares the old and new accounting strings. Required attributes are shown in orange, and optional attributes in yellow.

A comparison of the old and new account strings.


Changes to Account Number
  • KFS account numbers will still be made up of seven alphanumeric characters, but colleges and units will assign them to meet their own needs, so an account number won’t be the recognizable dept-subledger it is today.
  • Accounts that currently represent assets or liabilities will become object codes in KFS. 
  • Sub-account numbers in KFS can be used to further break down accounts.

For a thorough discussion of KFS accounts and their attributes, visit the Accounts and Sub-Account pages.

Components of the account number in the KFS account string.


Changes to Object Code
  • Existing object codes will be mapped to new KFS object code values.
  • KFS object codes will be broadly defined for use by more than one organization.
  • KFS object codes can be broken down for more granularity using sub-object codes. This will replace the current use of the fourth digit of the legacy object code, which is often used to provide information specific to a department or unit.

For a thorough discussion of KFS object codes and their attributes, visit the Object Codes and Sub-Object pages.

Object code and sub-object in the KFS account string.


Changes to Project and DUO Codes
  • Today’s project and DUO codes can be mapped to either of these KFS attributes: sub-account, sub-object, or org ref id.
  • Sub-account and sub-object codes are table-driven, with searchable fields. The org ref ID is a free-form field.

For a discussion of how sub-accounts and sub-object codes will be used to track activity in KFS, visit the Using Sub-Accounts and Sub-Object Codes for Activity Tracking page.

Project codes in the KFS account string.


Duo codes in the KFS account string