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Working in KFS to validate the new chart of accounts

August 9, 2010 - Financial Business Service Centers, Kuali Financial System at Cornell

Keywords: Kuali Financial System, Chart of Accounts, Cynergy, New Account Request

The following is a post from the Kuali Financial System at Cornell Blog.

Work on the new chart of accounts is miles ahead of where we were when I first introduced orgs here back in April, and we’re striking out into the next big phase. Soon we’ll start the work of validating orgs and accounts using an early version of KFS called the pre-production instance (PPI), comparing the legacy data to how we’ve mapped it to KFS. It’s an important step and a big one, which is why we’re starting this work now.

I’m excited by some early tests we’ve done with campus data to compare high-level object codes and specific accounts to legacy data. In this limited test, results were positive. We know that as we dive in, we’ll find hiccups and want to revise, but it’s great to see this progress. Some colleges and units will finish up quicker than others, depending on the number of accounts to be validated. We need to make the most of the months ahead.

Changes Coming to New Account Request Process

If you’re on the Controller’s mailing list, you heard that the tool we used to stop and delete accounts was just retired, and we’ll use an e-mail process until we bring this feature under KFS. (The former tool, Metastorm, had lingering performance issues that sped up our decision to stop using it.)

On August 31, 2010, the process to request new accounts will move to Cynergy, which looks and feels like KFS. Training and more information will be announced soon. In the second phase of PPI early next year, we’ll use KFS itself to request new accounts. For now, continue to refer to the web instructions for setting up and managing accounts.

David Hegelein
KFS Chart of Accounts Module Lead

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