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Capital Asset Code Tables

Below are the condition and status codes to use on your annual physical inventory, Capital Asset Physical Transfer/Relocation Form, Capital Asset Disposition Report, or the New Capital Equipment Record.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Capital Assets.

If you are uncertain of a department or building code, please refer to the list of Facilities Building Codes.

Condition Codes for Cornell-Owned/Funded Assets
Asset Condition Code
Asset Condition Name
E Excellent
F Fair
G Good
P Poor
S Scrap


Condition Codes for Government or Other-Owned/Funded Assets
Asset Condition Code Asset Condition Name
E1 Used-Recondition-Excellent
E2 Used-Recondition-Good
E3 Used-Recondition-Fair
E4 Used-Recondition-Poor
N1 New- Excellent
N2 New- Good
N3 New- Fair
N4 New- Poor
O1 Used-Useable-w/o Repair-Excellent
O2 Used-Useable-w/o Repair-Good
O3 Used-Useable-w/o Repair-Fair
O4 Used-Useable-w/o Repair-Poor
R1 Used-Repair Required- Excellent
R2 Used-Repair Required- Good
R3 Used-Repair Required- Fair
R4 Used-Repair Required- Poor
SS Salvage
X Scrap-X
XX Scrap-XX


Asset Status Codes
Asset Status Code Asset Status Name
A Active and identifiable
C Active and non-accessible
N Non-capital active
O Non-capital retired
P Under Repair
R Retired
S Surplus equipment
T Storage
U Under construction
Y Non-capital reportable


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