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Monthly Statements

Monthly Accounting Statements are delivered to campus users via the Brio/Hyperion software tool, as of February 9, 2009.  CIT is retiring the tool that was used previously.

Monthly Accounting Statements

Note: This application is secure and can only be accessed by authorized application users. See CIT's Kerberos Authentication Web site for help topics.

If you have any questions regarding the new Brio Monthly Accounting Statements, e-mail Financial Reporting.

Accessing and Using the New Reports

  • Get Brio-Hyperion Software

If you are not currently using Brio, please contact your local PC support to have the required Brio-Hyperion plug-in software installed in your browser. 

  • Set a Database Password

ALL new Brio-Hyperion users and existing Brio users who only run queries against data marts other than ADW need to set a database password for the ADW database.

Set your password

Report Availability

The monthly accounting reports will be available on the sixth working day of each month. If they are not, we will notify you via the listserv.

Running and Using the New Reports

Once you have accessed the system, from the left navigation pane, select "Accounting," and then "Monthly Accounting Statements."  In the right pane, you'll see links for each accounting statement.

  • Click the first link to get Adobe® Acrobat® Reader if you do not have it. You will need the software to view the new monthly statements.
  • Click the second link for an overview of the reports and account types.
  • Click the third link to launch a tutorial that will guide you through the use of the new reporting tool. Because some features of Brio-Hyperion are different from the old reporting tool, we strongly recommend that you view the tutorial before using the new tool.
  • Click the remaining links to access the actual monthly reports. Reports created before June 30, 2007 are static PDF files. For reports created after June 30, 2007, Brio-Hyperion enables you to filter and export the reports to Microsoft Excel.