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DFA Tools

Here are some of DFA's most commonly used tools and resources that help departments with processing and reporting on financial transactions.

For direct access to Kuali Financial System (KFS) functions, please use the KFS Portal. A variety of resources are also available on the Admin Tools page.


Standard Operating Procedures for KFS e-docs

Many Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are still under development, and this list may not be complete. For the entire list, see the SOP page in Confluence.

Note: All SOP documents are subject to modification pending ongoing analysis.

Chart of Accounts

Chart Manager: David Hegelein

Financial Processing

Financial Processing Manager: Cathy Salino

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable


Cornell Procurement Services

Contracts & Grants

Sponsored Financial Services contact: Janet Strait

Labor Distribution

Payroll Office contact: Robert Emborski

Capital Assets

Cost & Capital Assets contact: Nancy Abbott


Transaction and Payment Processing Tools