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Interdepartmental Billings

In the Kuali Financial System (KFS), billing entries are processed using one of the following methods:

Collector Feeds

These types of feeds come from large sub-systems and require a high level of technical expertise to create. Transactions submitted using these feeds must balance, but there are few system rules to enforce proper object code usage. Typically, the files for these feeds are large and each must be submitted via secure FTP. Files are validated upon loading into KFS and bad data will cause a complete failure of the document.



Most e-docs in KFS are routed for approval to fiscal officers or delegates and can be ad hoc routed. Billings are processed using either the Internal Billing (IB) e-doc or the Service Billing (SB) e-doc. Currently, all billing e-docs are limited to 300 accounting lines.

Service Billing (SB) e-doc

Click image to enlargeUse of this document is restricted. Like the IB e-doc, it is used for the billing of goods and services provided by a university department to another internal department, reflecting internal revenue to the provider and internal expense to the customer.

These transactions are generated by the servicing department, but unlike the IB e-doc, which routes according to predefined workflow rules, the SB e-doc does not route for approval.


Service Billing Roles

SB roles are approved for specific individuals for specific income accounts only, and follow object code rules similar to those used for IB e-docs. The use of SB e-docs is restricted to approved roles because transactions posted to the general ledger on the SB e-doc bypass the normal financial document workflow, and fiscal officers do not approve these transactions.  To reduce the risks apparent when approvals are not obtained, the Division of Financial Affairs (DFA) has established the following requirements for units requesting authorized SB roles:

  • Units must obtain approval from DFA to obtain a role authorized to use SB e-docs. See the list of authorized units.
  • The requesting unit must have a process for obtaining authorization from other units to charge their accounts.
  • The unit requesting an SB role must be able to accommodate the KFS accounting string (chart, account, sub-account, object code, sub-object, project, org ref ID) and must only use object codes with a sub-type ID (Interdepartmental Activity).
  • The requesting unit must have formal billing dispute resolution procedures and must have communicated these procedures to its customers.

See a list of departments with authorized SB roles, see the Authorized Billing Processors page.

To obtain an SB role, please submit a KFS Support Request.