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Search Accounts

In the Kuali Financial System (KFS), you can search accounts and their attributes using the Chart of Accounts Lookup and Maintenance e-docs, located on the KFS Main Menu tab. Legacy account information is available below.

Log in to KFS

Note: Access to KFS is limited to authorized individuals only. For support, see the KFS Support page.

Finding Account Documentation in KFS

To find documentation for an account created in KFS, use the doc search.

  • Enter "ACCT" in the Type field, then tab off to the Account Number field (tabbing is required to show the correct search fields)
  • Enter the account number in the Account Number field
  • Click the search button

The search results will return the original account e-doc (which created the account) and any subsequent edit e-docs (or edits to those e-docs). The documentation will usually be attached to the oldest e-doc, but it can be attached to later edits.

Doc Search screen

LEGACY Account Search Application - For Historical Reference ONLY!

The Account Search application allows you to view information related to a particular account by entering its full account number. In addition to the account attributes and balance, there are links to any attachments, and if the account was set up via the online account management system, to purpose. Added feature links are shown in red. In the future, this application will be expanded to allow more flexible searches by department, title, and other information.

Search Accounts

Note: This service is secure and can be accessed by authenticated Cornell University faculty and staff members only.

Please direct all Account Search inquiries to