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Financial Processing e-docs

The Kuali Financial System (KFS) Financial Processing (FP) module replaced the legacy Journal Entry Management System (JEMS), Payment Request application, and forms used to process cash receipts, wires, and manual account payable vouchers. Both central and campus staff use the module, depending on the type of financial transaction to be processed. In KFS, transactions are processed through electronic documents (e-docs).

Financial Processing (FP) e-docs and Recall Functionality

KFS allows an FP e-doc initiator to recall an e-doc to their action list, as long as the e-doc has not been acted upon by an approver. The recall action is available to the e-doc initiator at the bottom of eligible e-docs (see image below).

When an initiator chooses to recall an e-doc, KFS presents a message with two options (see image below):

  1. Recall to action list: This choice returns the e-doc to the initiator's action list in saved status and allows the user to modify the document and or cancel the e-doc.
  2. Recall and cancel: This action recalls the e-doc from enroute status, and no further action can be taken on the e-doc. The e-doc remains in recalled status.

Recalling or Cancelling Travel Reimbursement e-docs

If an e-doc was automatically generated from the Online Travel System, the recall option you choose determines whether you can reopen and edit the trip.

  • To be able to reopen the trip for editing, you must choose recall to action list, and then open the e-doc from the action list and select cancel on the e-doc.
  • The trip cannot be reopened for editing if you choose recall and cancel.


Blanket Approved e-docs

Certain institutional e-docs generated by central administrative offices are considered critical and need to be approved within the month they are created or by a specific date. Central administrative offices also process correcting entries that may be blanket approved. To facilitate timely approvals of these documents, General Accounting, Sponsored Financial Services, and the Budget Office will be blanket approving these e-docs. A blanket approval means that the fiscal officer and/or a designee will receive an "FYI" instead of an approval.

Below is a list of the types of transactions that will be blanket approved. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, because one-time requests could be received periodically.

  • Internal loans and external debit/bond entries (Debt and Plant Accounting)
  • Unidentified cash receipts, investment reconciliations, investment transactions (University Treasurer and Cash Management)
  • Investment realized/unrealized gain entries (General Accounting)
  • Transfers between unrestricted (UR) and temporarily restricted (TR) (Department generated)
  • Overhead allocation and e-docs as requested (University Budget Office)
  • Annual insurance premium and tax-related e-docs (University and Small Academic Finance Service Center)
  • Sponsored-related


General Tips for FP e-docs
  • To clear up the confusion regarding the end of the month and speed production of month-end results, the month-end deadline will be the last day of each month for all e-docs except the Auxiliary Voucher (AV) and the Journal Voucher (JV), which has limited access.
  • The From and To sections work differently in the different e-docs.
  • Rules about the use of negative amounts are specific to each e-doc and are connected to the From and To functionality. 
  • Some FP e-docs require data in both the From and To sections or Income and Expense sections. 
  • Saving the e-doc and looking at the general ledger pending entries helps you see the debits and credits that result from the lines you have entered on the e-doc.
  • An Error Correction button is available on most completed e-docs. The error correction functionality is very restrictive, by design. It creates an exact reversal of the original entry with no ability to edit the e-doc. If there is a problem with an expired account override on the original e-doc, the error correction button cannot be used, and a General Error Correction (GEC) e-doc will be needed to make the correction.


e-docs in the FP Module
  • YE Budget Adjustment (YEBA)
  • YE Distribution of Income and Expense (YEDI)
  • YE General Error Correction (YEGEC)
  • YE Transfer of Funds (YETF)

All KFS e-docs are based on predefined rules and automated workflow, which guide the staff performing transactions and decrease errors. All KFS users can view most transaction documents, except for sensitive or confidential information like salaries. Maintenance e-docs are administered centrally and do not route for approval.