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Access to Financial Information

What is “financial information”?

Financial information is data recorded in Cornell’s general ledger and entered into financial operational systems, including detail that supports summarized entries.

Who can request access and who should have access to financial information?

Access to financial information may be granted to individuals who are employees of the university whose assigned duties require access to that information. Requests for access can be submitted by or for anyone with a valid Cornell NetID and who is active in the PeopleSoft HR system. Direct questions about access to financial information to Financial Reporting.

Request Financial Information Access

Note: This application is secure and can be accessed by authorized application users only.

Requesting Financial Information Access

Accounting Data Warehouse

Request access to financial information in the Accounting Data Warehouse (ADW) through the Financial Information Access Request form. ADW is a network of Oracle databases containing Cornell’s general ledger accounting transactions. The data in ADW is retrieved and analyzed using Brio-Hyperion, which is a Web-based query/reporting tool. ADW is updated nightly.

Web Financials

Request access to the financial information in the Web Financials (WebFin) system through your department, organization, or BSC WebFin administrator, who can grant access directly from the Web Financials Administration page.

WebFin is a tool that provides access to the same university accounting information that is in ADW, as well as local WebFin data such as “local” notes (i.e., comments) and commitments entered by authorized users. These local updates allow up-to-the-minute data to be available on the WebFin reports and are available to all users with the appropriate access. WebFin provides transaction and analysis reports by accounting period and year-to-date, as well as the functionality to search transactions over time using multiple criteria. The ADW data is updated nightly from the university's general ledger, while the WebFin data is real-time.

Note: Users who are granted access to financial information in any of the above applications will be asked to complete a confidentiality agreement to ensure their understanding of the responsibilities associated with having access to the university’s financial data. The confidentiality agreement for access to APPS will be distributed to users via Cynergy, a new workflow tool that enables electronic distribution of documents.

More about Cynergy

Searching for Previously Submitted Access Request Documents

You can search for financial information access request documents that you have previously submitted using the following link:

Enter TYPE as "DFARequestDocument" to search for access requests.


Financial Information Access Request Tutorials