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ADW / Brio Tutorials

The Accounting Data Warehouse (ADW) provides users with access to accounting information, making it easier to track various accounting functions required by unit and university policies/procedures. ADW resides in Brio, a query/reporting tool used to search data or create reports that can display data in various ways.

WBT 100: ADW/Brio Tutorials

For Staff members who will be working with accounting information and looking up information in ADW using Brio. This is particularly useful for an introduction to this topic before attending training or as a refresher after training. Hands-on training is still required for this topic.
Length Five sections, self-paced. Each section takes 5-10 minutes to complete.
Description Topics for this tutorial include: an introduction to ADW, using the ADW Time-Key, accessing Brio and ADW reports, processing ADW reports, and formatting reports.
Prerequisite None
Instructor Web-based tutorial
The following are the actual exercises covered in the ADW 101 class: