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KFS Transition Tools

The following tools are available to assist Kuali Financial System (KFS) users in the transition to the new operating environment.

New KFS Information

Note: This worksheet is prepared manually and will not be kept up-to-date frequently.

  • Please try to find any error you receive on this reference document before calling the KFS Help Desk!
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  • Orange payment reasons are reserved
  • Pink payment reasons are the only available ones left
Legacy to KFS Conversion Tools

The following spreadsheets will help KFS users in converting legacy account values to the new KFS values. These tools will be updated as new information becomes available. All information posted is subject to change.

Accounting String Conversion

The following two spreadsheets provide a mapping as of June 9, 2011 of the legacy accounting string (account, object code, project code, DUO code) to the KFS accounting string (chart, account, sub-account, object code, sub-object). This is based on the final mapping provided to the KFS implementation team, and will not reflect any changes (e.g., new accounts) or corrections (e.g., accounts that were unmapped in the final conversion) made since June 3, 2011.

Please note that these are very large spreadsheets. We recommend that, after you have downloaded the documents, you delete all rows that you do not need and save the smaller file for your use.

Account Attribute Conversion

Object Code Conversion